First Winner of Aldaniti’s price in Sweden

It’s not everyday that you get the chance to win fantastic prizes in exchange for nothing.
However, this is what happened to our contest winner in this blog post. She registered in a free online contest a couple of months ago. Only a few days after, she received the happy news: she was the winner of our fantastic prize.

Maria Stark from Gislaved in Sweden is the new winner of Aldaniti’s online contest. On this special occasion, this is the first time the prize has been given in this Nordic country. Representatives from the Aldaniti team traveled to Stockholm to hand over the prize, which consisted of a brand new, state of the art computer from a well-known international brand.

She didn’t believe it at first, but Maria Stark finally realized where we were calling from, she was more than happy to accept her prize – valued at 2.000 euros (about 18.000 SEK).

With nearly 10 years of experience in the online world, Aldaniti gives away prizes in several countries through their contests and prize giveaways. Everything from cars to modern computers. This time, the company has decided to start in the Nordic countries, with a prize that will travel to Gislaved in Sweden, where the fortunate Maria Stark comes from.